Friday, August 1, 2008

Martian Water Confirmed and Total Solar Eclipse

It's confirmed, ice water on Mars!! After a couple of failed attempts the Phoenix Lander's scoop finally got some of that ice water soil into one of it's ovens to analyse and confirm there is ice water on Mars. The soil came from a trench around 2 inches deep called Snow White, image above and below, top one being a cool 3D image.

Some more great news, NASA has increased the funds for Phoenix extending it's mission to September 30, 5 weeks past the original 90 days.

Having said all that you may want to look at investing in some of that now wet Martian real estate, I mean now we have confirmed water, the property levels are bound to jump. Those of you that are my regular readers know I have purchased Lunar Real Estate and being the forward thinker and wise investor that I am, have purchased some Prime View Martian Property, that's right not just any view, Prime View. For just $22.49 you can get in on the ground floor with the purchase of an acre of Prime View Martian real estate. After your purchase you will receive your Martian Deed, a Martian map with your location, so you know where to go and a copy of the Martian constitution and Bill Of Rights, and on top of all that you will have a great conversation starter at all the dinner parties you attend, example;

Informed Bob: So, uninformed friend I have purchased an acre of Prime View Martian real estate.

Uninformed Friend: ...............I thought you had lunar property?

Informed Bob: Yes that is true, I have purchased an acre on the Lunar Southern Hemisphere in the Crater Campanus, lot# 15/1247, 26-30 degrees south, 30-26 degrees west. and being the forward thinker and wise investor that I am have decided that after the confirmed ice water discovery on Mars it would be in my best interest to purchase Prime View Martian real estate before the prices become too prohivitive to purchase.

Uninformed Friend: ..................What? nuts?


This morning there was a Total Solar Eclipse, it started around 6 am EST, the path of totality started in North East parts of Canada and ended up in China and Mongolia. if you missed it you can catch up over at NASA or watch the You Tube video below. A Total Eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are perfectly aligned so the Moon which is in between, blocks the Sun from the Earth.

Some interesting facts:

The Moon's shadow for the August 1 2008 eclipse was 6,235 miles long and 147 miles wide.

During the eclipse the Moons shadow covered .4% of the Earth's surface.

The entire Eclipse lasted 2 hours 3 minutes, totality lasted 2 minutes 27 seconds.

Below is a You Tube video of the eclipse posted by the Associated Press.


Susanne49 said...

It's pity we couldn't see it down here. But I knew it that Bob will bring something online for sure - "et voila", here it was!

Thanks for sharing all these big fun with us!

Texas Travelers said...

I loved the 3-D photo. I got out my 3-D glasses and you can really see the trench depth. Most of these are very good, but this one is great.

Thanks for sharing and thanks for the visit,

Livingsword said...

Hi Bob;

Very nice…baking water in the oven…maybe Phoenix should be called Sarah Lee…

Ohhh ahhh look at that trench “Snow White” would make an interesting Surrender player…hmmm

Excellent Phoenix lives! Not very nice to rise from the ashes serve your country on foreign soil (digging trenches and baking water) and then be killed off!

Bob my man when is the Bar BQ on Mars? I will bring the Guinness you rustle up the steak (prime rib) maybe some corn on the cob…we sit back in that hot tub with all that baked Sarah Lee water in it and enjoy the Prime View!

Can we do all of that in light of the Martian constitution and bill of rights? I mean Mars isn’t like China is it? :)

Oh great the video will not play (“We’re sorry, this video is no longer available” yeah right) let me kill Explorer and go to Firefox…..

There’s the video! Wow excited crowd! Very cool video!

Another Bob is Best article! Well done….

Liane Schmidt said...

Incredible... Water on Mars, this is extraordinary news.

Best wishes.


-Liane Schmidt.

self taught artist said...

i'm so glad you keep me informed on these things, i'd forgotten about this and really wanted to know the outcome. that is so cool about the water!
did you REALLY buy property?
build an art gallery eh?

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Susanne, too bad for sure, they are supposed to look very cool in person.\m/

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Troy, it is one of their better 3D ones, just got some new 3D glasses,looks very cool.\m/

Bob Johnson said...

Lol livingsword about the Surrender player.

As far as the BBQ I'll send invites, rather my childrens childrens children will as soon as they get the POD set up, say in around 120 years for now,lol.

Good thing for Firefox, videos don't play that well on IE at all.

Thanks for dropping by my friend.\m/

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks for dropping by Liane, the water on Mars is a big step for the exploration on Mars.\m/\m/

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Paula, really bought property, when the gallery is set up you're the first in, besides me,lol, I hear the Martians have really good taste.\m/\m/

Max-e said...

Hi Bob, I always enjoy catching up on what is happening in the universe.
Interesting news about the water on Mars, which is a good thing for you as a Mars property owner - must have a positive effect on your resale value :)

Anonymous said...

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

AWESOME post with the Mars water and eclipse photos, Bob!!! I couldn't WAIT to visit here to see this. We traveled to Wisconsin yesterday. What a lovely trip we had.

Super congrats on buying more land. You are becoming quite the space real estate owner. What fun!!!

Hugs, JJ

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, thanks max-e, that's what I'm hopping.\m/\m/

Bob Johnson said...

Woo Hoo thanks for the info Jared, I have yet to pick it up but I will be looking at iTunes asap now.\m/\m/

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks JJ have a great trip and take lots of pics.\m/\m/

Swubird said...


Absolutely great news about water on Mars. Now we have to wait for the next visit before we can start looking for life. I believe that if primitive life ever got a start, then it could still be there - especially on Saturday night.

Real estate on Mars is going up in price. You are such a forward thinker. All I can say is don't refinance using Countrywide!

The videos were super. Always a pleasure to visit your site.

Happy stargazing.

Drowsey Monkey said...

lol @ your conversation. What a way to make a point ;)

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks swubird, first a successful landing on Mars then finding ice water, excellent results so far and there are still 2 months to go.\m/\m/

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, thanks drowsey\m/\m/

Marvin the Martian said...

That IS a cool 3D picture. Thanks!

chanpheng said...

The eclipse video is great. More than the visuals, I liked hearing the ambient noise. Sounds like the crowd went wild.

Peter said...

Hi Bob! Have you worked out what you're going to do with the prime intergalactic real estate?

Perhaps your great,great,great, great grandchildren may be able to use them!

Hope your country does well at the Olympics but I have a feeling Downunder may whip your behind when it comes to the medal count!

Take Care,

Bob Johnson said...

No problem marvin.\m/

Bob Johnson said...

Good observation changpheng, I noticed and liked that too.

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, thanks Peter, we shall see about the Olympics.\m/

Priyank said...

Maybe I can come visit you on Mars :P

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