Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sun dogs and Solar halos

Finally people I have benefited in a large way from these stupid cold -35c temperatures in the form of very cool Sun dogs and Solar halos, because that's when these puppies come out to play. Sun dogs are bright circular spots on a Solar halo, they are caused by the sunlight reflecting and refracting off ice crystals in the high Cirrus clouds. The Earth's Cirrus clouds are wisp like clouds located above 23,000ft. White Sun dogs and Solar halos are caused by reflection, colored Sun dogs and Solar halos are caused by refraction.

The first image was taken behind the mall I work at, got two dogs and a halo, by the time I got to my second location out in the country I lost a dog, very fast changing phenomenon, but I gained a jet and it's contrails, very cool, the jet looked like it was going to crash into the Sun, so now the final image kind of looks like a giant old fashion speedometer.

I've posted here about a large U.S. spy satellite falling uncontrollably from space, a little update here. President Bush has Dispatched 3 warships to the northern Pacific Ocean, west of Canada for next week's firing of a missle to take out the spy satellite. U.S. officials have stated the reason for the shootdown is to prevent deadly fumes from the satellites on board propellant from escaping into the atmosphere. This action will of course prevent the Russians and Chinese from getting their hands on the satellite as well as give the military great target practice.

I have been stockpiling awards lately so thought I better get to awarding them to some other fine bloggers. Awards are great, they share the love and let a fellow blogger know you appreciate their efforts. I just wish, well I don't want to seem like a greedy Bob, but if somehow money was involved, man if I had a dollar for every award I've received I'd be a ..... wait, .. no that ain't going to work, .... let me see, carry the 6 divided by 2, times 1,000, okay, if I had $67,000.92 for every award I've received I'd be a millionaire, wild eh? Go Smell The Flowers has started the Flower Smeller Award, to be awarded to someone who is in their own way stopping to smell the flowers, has made waves in the blogging community, raised a family , got a promotion, is discovering their greatness, and the list goes on. The neat thing about this award is that you can award another 5 people next month and the month after that, till eternity, or you stop blogging, what ever comes first.

JD has honoured me with this award, I've been a fan of JDs for ever, drop by his place, you'll find stunning images and stories that'll keep you on the edge of your seat.

The 5 people I would like to present this award to this month, like I'm going to remember to do this next month, but who knows, anyways back to the awards. 1. Anna; great stories and photos, especially her Moon shots, which is how I found her, I thought great someone else who likes the Moon, we've been blogging together ever since. 2. AngelBaby; a very positive blog about all things angel, a very uplifting site indeed. 3. Livingsword; just discovered this blog not to long ago, excellent stories and messages, if you are a Survivor fan there are updates to be had there as well. 4. Max; another blog I've discovered just recently, excellent stories and messages as well.
5. Swubird very interesting site about his experiences in the military, and so much more, the neat thing is he has lived though a lot of cool stuff and has many stories to tell.

Quick reminder, this coming Wednesday February 20th. starting at 8:43 EST the last total Lunar Eclipse till 2010, snooze you loose. I'll leave you now with an animated gif of one of my Solar halo shots.


Oswegan said...

That's really cool about the halos and dogs. I always learn something when I stop by. I heard them talking on C-Span the other night about shooting down the satellite. That's right, I watch C-Span. I can't help it, I'm a political geek.

Bob Johnson said...

Lol oswegan, I drop by there once in a while too, it is pretty interesting they are going to shoot it down, I thought they would end up doing that.

Swubird said...


All great shots. With my new over-sized screen I can see fabulous detail. The sundogs were definitely cool.

Good observation about the satellite. Both the Russians and the Chinese would love to get their mits on that baby. No telling what it has hidden in its onboard computers. Or, maybe just the advanced technology. Whatever it is, though, I would bet that toxic fumes is the last thing it has.

Thanks for the award. Coming from you it really has meaning. But I have a problem. How do I download the thing? I selected it - copied it - tried to paste it into my template - but no dice. I am so ignorant about these things. Frustrating! I feel like a carpenter with a car problem, and all he knows about are hammers, saws ans nails!

Have a nice day.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks swubird, since it is just a picture, you should be able to right click on the picture and select "save picture as" another screen will come up so you can place it exactly where you would like to on your computer, then just add it to your blog as a picture, don't have to worry about html or code. Hope this helps, you can always email me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots Bob. That GIF sure looks great with the rippling reflection.
I read somewhere that the US will be stationing three warships off the west coat of Canada. Given the trajectory of this satellite is usually like a Sine Wave I wonder if they miss the satellite will wind up in my backyard? Hey, if it does, and I'm not blowd up (misspelled on purpose) I'll make a point a send you a souvenir. :-)

Livingsword said...

Hi Bob;

Interesting visuals, almost looks like an eye….

I love solar-halo-dogs not furry but you also don’t need to clean up after them….

The second image is a dog wagging his contail? :)

It’s awful when jets “crah”…. (That was like the twenty typos on my blog! LOL)

The story about shooting down the satellite has been all over the news and I felt so far ahead of everybody because of following events here with you Bob, I salute you my friend!

This satellite situation could get messy….

Is it true that awhile ago the Chinese blinded a US spy satellite with a laser?

Is the funds calculation in US or Canadian? LOL

Wow I am in great company in receiving this award Bob! Thank you so much!

You know everybody tells me “You know Livingsword that Bob guy he is great with all that space stuff, and is a swell fellow but he just never seems to pass along awards with flowers on them”. But I tell them “you now not the Bob that I know, Bob could grow flowers on the Moon”…..

Thanks Bob… You are kind.

More nice images by the way, very nice….

Max-e said...

I recently posted a picture of a rainbow that someone likened to a sun dog. It was the first time I had heard the expression and could not find a definition - so thanks for the clarity. Great shots

Max said...

Hey Bob,

Gorgeous and magical Sun dogs and halos :D! You can't imagine what I felt when I saw the two pics *nodding*...and I don't even know why :0! I think it inspired spiritual thoughts in me...thank you *bowing*!

It makes sense what you are saying about the satellite!

Congratulations for your award, Bob, it is well deserved :D!
Now, I am overwhelmed at the fact that you thought of me to share it with; and at your kind words about my blog *bowing*! Thank you and thank you :D!

I am so glad that Anna intermediated our meeting; you are a swell chap :D!


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

The weatherman had spoken of sun dogs but I have not viewed them until now. WOW!!! Stunning, magnificent, surreal.

Super congrats on your award. :D Well-deserved!!!

Hugs, JJ

Bob Johnson said...

Lol JD, and thanks very much for the award, Boy if you get any piece of satellite and you don't get blowd up I would love a piece of it for sure,I'll even dedicate a special post just for you and.... and, make up the "Greatest spy satellite find" award lol.

Max said...

Guess who has been awarded:


Bob Johnson said...

Thanks livingsword for all your kind words.

Lol, alas my blogger spell check isn't working, on any of my computers, I have word spell checker opened but I just check the hard words like phenomenon, not crash,dohh. I am going to have to read very slowly for misspelled kindergarten words as well,lol.

Yes this satellite thing could get tricky, cool you knew about the Chinese attempting to blind an American spy satellite,it was and still is a big deal, we depend so much on the space stuff now, much more then we used to, need some kind of orbiting space stuff

Bob Johnson said...

Hey max-e your welcome, I don't think you get too many opportunities to watch them from your location,lol.

Bob Johnson said...

Hi and thanks max, I am also glad Anna intermediated us as well, I love your stories and the conversations you have on your commenting section with livingsword and other bloggers.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks JJ, glad you like the pics, good word to describe them, surreal, cool.

Bob Johnson said...

Wow max, your too too kind this is a toadally awesome award!!

The Fool said...

Very good pictures, some of the best in while. I had heard of solar halos and dogs though I had never known exactly what they were. And I hadn't heard about the warships that are going to take out the satellite, thanks for the update.

The Fool

Two Feathers said...

Love the halo and sun dog pictures... Way Cool! Learned something new tonight! Doesn't a halo also mean bad weather? or good weather? or something?

So, what I don't get is why don't they just tell the truth? "We're going to shoot down the satellite because we don't want anyone to learn our secrets." Everybody knows that's the reason anyway... why not just be upfront? I don't get it.

My spell check isn't working either. I thought it was just me... must be a blogger issue.

Will said...

Bob, those are some really cool photos. I have seen these things once or twice but they are not common at all down here.

8:43 pm EST for the lunar eclipse. Does that translate to the same time on the west coast?

Bob Johnson said...

Hi and thanks the fool, dogs and halos aren't that common here even witht the cold so it was cool I was able to get some pics. It will be interesting to see what happens the upcoming week with the shootdown.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Shirley, Sun dogs and Halos are just a good indication that it is frigging cold out, usually happens at either Sunrises and sets and has to be Cirrus clouds with ice crystals for the Sunlight to reflect/refract off, hence, has to be very cold, thats the only weather connection

Shirley as far as the spy satellite, you really have to be either a spy or a politician to understand why they aren't more forthcoming, both occupations have a lot in common, both like deception as well as dis-information,lol. interesting about your spell checker not working too.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Will. The eclipse for the west cost I believe is starting at 5:43 pst, totality starts at 7:pm-7:51 pm, the Moon rises as it is entering the penumbra or early stages of the eclipse. check out the site below.

Roger said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Lunar eclipse Bob, I hope are sky isn't over cast! If it isn't I am going to try to shoot it, for Thursdays post! Those Sun Dogs are cool!! I have seen a few Moon Dogs here, but with no camera in hand. Great post Bob!!

Two Feathers said...

Ok... so obviously I'm not great spy material - nor am I a natural born politician...

I find the sun dog thing totally fascinating. Why do they call them dogs? Sun dogs? Moon dogs? I'm so way curious.

Omega said...

hi Bob, very interesting post, i didn't know about the sun dogs and halos. Will try not to miss the lunar eclipse, too bad i still don't have a decent camera....
have a nice weekend and thanks for your comments on my site!

Bob Johnson said...

Hey thanks Roger, good luck with the eclipse, at least it's gonna be a long one, if it's partly cloudy you have 60 mins of total eclipse to take pics, should get a break in the clouds somewhere in that time frame.

Bob Johnson said...

Lol Shirley about being a politician, me neither.

The proper term for Sun dogs is Parhelion which means beside the Sun, they are called Sundogs since they mock the Sun and some bigger ones have tails that go straight out away from the sun so the phrase Sun dog was coined.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks omega, good luck with the weather for the eclipse and have a good weekend as well.

kml said...

Great captures of those halos and dogs, Bob! I had seen the halos before, but not the dogs. The animated one is one of your best yet!

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Kathy, it's been a few years since I've seen halos and dogs together at one time myself.

Rose said...

So that's what they are called. I learn so much coming to your blog. Love that second pic. You do know sometimes I just come here for the pics and because your bob. :)

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Rose, glad you like the pics!

AngelBaby said...

Thank you so much for the Award. I will be honored to display it on my site. Thank you so much for all your love and support. Wow!

Love and Blessings,

Bob Johnson said...

Your welcome AngelBaby you deserve it, you have a great site!

Drowsey Monkey said...

Wow - very interesting post. I never heard of this before...I love it when I learn something new! And cool!

Fantastic photos as alwasy! :)

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks drowseymonkey, glad you learned something cool.

Drowsey Monkey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Drowsey Monkey said...

Not sure if you ever check out this blog (it's on my blog roll) but I thought you'd appreciate this photo:

She also has a great moon shot on her photoblog:

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks drowsey monkey for the link to her sites, very cool blog and pics.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Good morning, Bob. I caught a sentence in the news that a university captured a falling meteroite that was sparking. Don't know the details yet but how exciting!!! Hope it wasn't that satellite.

Blog Catalog has changed and I'm trying to figure out where my homepage is. All I have is a dashboard. If you figure out where your homepage is, will you let me know!


Hugs, JJ

Ruth said...

OMG, what a site. Those gif's are just amazing. I will save your blog as a favorite, I'm so glad Drowsey sent you over to my poor little bloggie so I could also find you here. Have a blast tonight, and I hope you'll stay warm. It will be sub-zero (F) here, so I'll be dashing in and out with the camera. Hope I can get at least one good (for me) shot!

Anna said...

Bob you are the best, thanks for the award. Your photos are stunning, I am glad that you got 40D, because you are really bringing best here. BTW did you hear about the meteor hitting earth in Portland? And hope you can get those lunar eclipse images, still overcast here, and not sure if I want to venture out somewhere especially when the gas prices spiked today, lol. Thanks again, Anna :) PS I had to mention you on my last post, moon related of course.

Bob Johnson said...

Hi JJ,that would be exciting for sure. My home page is the same as always, comes up all the time the same way,I went to your site and found it okay, if you can't find it come to my site and click on your link.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Ruth!, love your sites too and have book marked them, busy night ahead of me, hopefully get a good shot of the eclipse.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Anna, got clear skies, hopefully get a good shot of the eclipse out of the many I'll be taking. Just heard of the meteor hitting just now. I'm heading over to your site now.

Peter said...

Hi! I found this totally fascinating, thank you. I see that it indicates bad weather but after doing a bit of research, I found out that the number of stars within a moon halo indicate the number days before bad weather will arrive. Believe it or not!

If that wasn't enough you led me to find out about: moon corona's, moon pillars, moon bows and sun pillars. Does the list ever end, one might ask.

Just saw the news on the successful shooting down of the satellite. What a top shot!

Thank you again for enlightening me.


Drowsey Monkey said...

I'm so glad you and ruth found each other! lol

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Peter learn something new every day, thanks!

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks drowsey, me too.

Livingsword said...

Hi Bob;

I meant to mention to you that I was in not criticizing the typo! Mine drive me crazy! MS Word actually changes a couple of words on me when it auto-checks. “Occurs” becomes “course” and vise versa often before my eyes. I often do “oyu” instead of “you”, etc….

Bob Johnson said...

Livingsword, thank you for telling me, I rather have someone tell me then let it go, I am a terrible speller, no worries.

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