Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Old Moon In The New Moon's Arms

Moonlight is Sunlight that is reflected off the Moon to us on Earth, Earthshine or the Da Vinci Glow is caused by Moonlight reflected back off the Earth onto the Moon, or doubly reflected Sunlight. Called the Da Vinci Glow because Da Vinci first said the "ashen glow" was Sunlight reflected off our Earth back onto the Moon, before Leonardo figured it out no one knew what it was.

Got a couple of cool images a couple weeks ago, again I am amazed my camera worked , -35c. Best time to view Earthshine is during the crescent phase of the Moon and as it is setting. You can see the neat affect the Earthshine has on the Moon, it lights up the Moons dark phase so you can see the outline of the seas and the Moon itself.

STS 123 Shuttle Endeavour has a scheduled launch date of March 11 at 2:30am from the Kennedy Space Center. The Endeavour will be delivering and installing the first section of the Japanese Kibo science research facility on the ISS , as well as delivering and installing Dextre, a two armed robot with the ability to carry out maintenance work that would have been done before by spacewalking astronauts.

I'll leave you now with one of my current Sunsets as an animated gif.


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

The Da Vinci Glow...I love that. Had to stick my head outside to see if I could catch it but my eyes misted over in the zero temps and I shut the door quick. No sign of spring tonight. LOL

What cool photos and a great, fun education I'm getting on your blog.

We have temps in the 40's in a few days. {VBG}

Hugs, JJ

The Fool said...

Nice picture, I have seen a bit of Earthshine myself but never that defined, and good to know when its best to see it. And thanks for the info about Dextre, I had heard about the Kibo lab but not about Dextre yet.

The Fool

Peter said...

Hi! "Inside any great photographer worth his or her salt, is at least one gallon of antifreeze."

Thanks again for the glorious shots!


Swubird said...

Bob: Super images on my big screen. I love it. I'm always amazed at the fantastic level of detail your pictures show. They're so clear - no detectable shake at all. And the earth glow - great! Da Vinci was one smart dude.

About the shuttle: Did you know that Endeavour was the name of Captain Cook's ship? As a tribute to him, the astronauts of Apollo named the Command Module Endeavour, and they carried a small piece of wood from Endeavour's sternpost to the moon. I was planing on writing a post about that someday, but what the heck, when I read your post I couldn't help but mention it in my comment.

Great post, Bob. It's always such a pleasure to visit your site and see the wonderful work you do. But geez Bob, -35c. Are you out of your mind?

Will said...

So the reason we can faintly see the part of the moon that is not bright is because of moonlight reflected from the earth. Cool! I'll explain that to my kids and appear very smart. Thanks!

Drowsey Monkey said...

I love that 2nd photo...the colours are amazing.

Maybe it's because I'm in Ontario, but when I look up I don't see those red letters. That's a shame 'cause it would be really helpful ;)

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks JJ, perhaps the summer would be a better time to look for Earthshine,lol. We actually saw snow melting a few hours last week, spring is coming here too.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks the fool, it was the best I've seen ever, all the right conditions, this time I had a camera that could do it justice.

Bob Johnson said...

Lol,thanks Peter.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks swubird, I didn't know about the Endeavour name or about Apollo taking a piece of the ship to the Moon, very interesting. -35c, yes I am a little bit crazy, but I had to get that shot, it was so cold, my shutter release cable froze in the coiled up position it had when I pulled it out of my pocket, froze instantly wouldn't unwind.

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, thanks Will

Bob Johnson said...

Lol drowsey, too funny.

Anna said...

Hey Bob this is so cool - the moon with the bright crescent is really looking cool, thanks for sharing, and many kudos (a new word I learned, lol) for your gif images. BTW this came to my inbox, I don't think you have to worry they will crush to your moon property, lol. Enjoy:
Anna :)

Susanne49 said...

I admire your great shots, if it's from the moon or from the sun or all the stars...they are all great!

And I'm learning so much every time I come over here visiting and reading.

Thanks Bob for all this!:-)

Max said...

Hey Bob,

Beautiful!!! I don't think I ever told you but I love crescent moons!!! I love watching them even more than I love watching the full moon (don't ask why)!

How do you manage to get such beautiful sunsets, Bob? They are mystical... :)


Anonymous said...

Excellent shots Bob. Did not know about the Da Vinci Glow. Learn something every time you post. -35 eh?
Glad your there and not me :-) Mind you, we are inundated with freezing rain then snow then freezing rain then snow...get the picture (excuse the pun) :-)

shirley said...

Yeah! I'm missing the red letters too. How come you get them in your sky but they don't show up in mine?? LOL. By the way, nice moon shot!

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Anna, and that article was going to be one of my next items,lol

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Susanne, glad you enjoy the pics and learn a little as well.

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Max, glad you like crescent shots, they are beautiful, been very lucky in the Sunset category lately, thanks.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks JD eh, I hear you about the freezing rain, deadly for traffic especially in our mall lots

Bob Johnson said...

Shirley, the letters are up there, you have to have a special ABC III filter that fits over the camera lens,lol.

Livingsword said...

Hey Bob;

Well Bob I have to admit I actually did know that about Da Vinci, even though it wasn’t in one of Mr. Brown’s novels :)

What a fascinating selection of images you have provided for us here! The top one almost doesn’t look real the way that “white coma” is holding the Moon….

Earthshine, wasn’t that one of Frank Zappa daughters?

Are the astronauts testing some superglue on their hands, hard to fly the shuttle that way….

Very cool gif Bob, the Sun almost looks like a candle flame.

I hope you don’t mind my bits of humor, I truly appreciate your excellent posts, they both inform and entertain. I feel refreshed when I come here so I “let my hair down” a bit (well actually my head is rather shaved right now LOL).

Oswegan said...

Cool shots Bob. Love the new moon shot.

Ruth said...

Splendid moon shots. I've never even noticed this before, shame on me. Glad to learn.

Bob Johnson said...

Lol livingsword, I love the humor, love any humor, life is too short to not have it.

Cool that you knew about the Da Vinci connection, I think Zappa's daughter is Moon Unit,lol.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks oswegan.

Bob Johnson said...

Glad you like the pics Ruth, got another opportunity coming up this Wed morning to view some more Earthshine.

Ruth said...

I need to put it on my calendar!

Bob Johnson said...

Hope you have good weather, good luck Ruth.

Anonymous said...

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