Friday, August 17, 2007

No Shuttle Repairs

Yes, in your face you stupid clouds. According to the Weather Network 14 day forecast for Saskatoon it's going to be sunny for the Total Lunar Eclipse August 28th., happy happy joy joy!

On a more sombre note, more bad news for the Endeavour and her crew. A micrometeorite dinged the shuttle's windshield, man these guys can't catch a break, my wife suggested they park the shuttle by the side of the road and wait for the next ride down. On Wednesday mission control cut short the planned 3rd. spacewalk because Rick Mastracchio noticed a hole in his space glove, the hole only penetrated 2 of the 5 layers of the glove and Houston stressed Rick was in no danger but hurried him back inside just to be safe, maybe they should do the repairs to the space shuttle just to be safe as well.

It is official now, NASA has decided that no repairs will be done to the shuttle's tile system. The chairman of the mission management team John Shannon said Johnson Space Center's engineering group in Houston wanted to proceed with the repairs , but every one else including safety officials voted to skip them. Douglas Osheroff a Nobel Prize - winning physicist who worked on the Columbia investigation four years ago, questioned NASA's decision not to proceed stating since they "can only increase their chances of making it down." he also stated "I don't see why NASA is going to invent a fix and not use it, this attitude of it looks okay, let's not do anything about it, seems like the Columbia NASA." And I thought Anna and I were the only ones having major concerns about this, I'm glad we're not alone on this one. Here is a good CNN video on the tile repair situation that I found for your viewing pleasure.

Martian skies are starting to clear for the rovers, Spirit is actually doing science again while the little opportunity rover guy is still having power problems.


Anna Lozyk Romeo said...

Bob, good reading as always. Really enjoyed, and especially being mention. Thanks again. Now I have to stay on top of all 'outer space' news, including astrophotography. But the most important thing is that I enjoy it too. I finally took out my star gazing book that was covered with dust, and finally came handy. I will have to look at the stars, because in addition to moon, the constallation are other things I can observe. my all time favorite is the Big Dipper, I like the Small Dipper also, but for some reason cannot locate it lately - is it getting smaller.

I am patiently waiting for your pictures Bob from your powerful instrument, called a telescope. Glad the weather man is telling you the right weather now, and I agree with your wife, they should park on the side of the milky way. Anna :)

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Anna! even if I convert only one person to the wonders of the universe, my job here is done,lol, who knows about the weather, it was supposed to be sunny today and it is raining. I do wish they would reconsider the shuttle repair mission.

Anna Lozyk Romeo said...

Oh you probably got the rain we supposed to have, and we have sun, lol, Anna :) I am definitely into wonders of universe. I was going towards nano scale at some point, but equipment is too expensive, and apparently there supposed to be more dimensions, but then the universe is more powerful, I don't think I ever see green alien coming out from chlorophyll.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks for the rain Anna!,lol. The equipment is expensive for astrophotography, but to just view the stars all you need is binoculars, or a telescope, some charts and the will to want to learn, it's nice you have the will to learn this stuff. I hope you get an opportunity to take some moon pics.

zunnur said...

Its quite surprising that they're going to skip the repair of something which carries humans to the space, I thought that there are no such things as 'damage is within limitation' for space shuttles.

On commercial aircraft, we do sometimes release the aircraft with some minor structural defects which must be allowed by the Manufacturer's Maintenance Manual, but we usually do it when the aircraft is out of base.

The CNN video is awesome, I enjoyed it. And don't forget to share a picture of the forth coming Lunar Eclipse. Hope the weather will accommodate.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Zunnur for your comment, I just checked all the various science news sites for an update and there is no change, still aren't going to repair,which of course is crazy. Today the weather network says partly cloudy for the 28th. for the eclipse, so I'm happy and will post any pics I take.

Anonymous said...

Interesting update to the shuttle situation and a very nice site you have here. I look forward to checking back in.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Karen!

Will said...

Hi! And thanks for the heads up on the total lunar eclipse. I had not heard about it, so put it on the calender. I guess here in Southern Oregon we will need to get up between 3 and 4 am to see it, if I figured it correctly?


Bob Johnson said...

It starts at 2:20am cst, and you're further west then I am, you may want to get up around 1:00, my calculations put it at 1:20 am pst.

Bryan Younger said...

I was surprised when I heard that they were not going to repair the shuttle but they are NASA so they are smarter than me.

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Bryan, You and me both, lets hope and pray their right, we'll know at 11:32 am tuesday morning.

Franx Budi said...

Bob..this post is very interesting..If everyone can view using this tools..We will realise that Human is so small and we must take care our planet Earth..Because till now no other planet as beautiful as earth...Thanks BoB

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks franx budi

Will said...

Thanks for correcting my times, Bob. It would not be nice to wake up in the middle of the night and find out we missed it!

This is an interesting site, even for those of us that are not as much as an astrobuff as some. Your writing style made me look at your profile, but I did not find out as much as I had hoped. So... I am tagging you as explained in this post:

Feel free to play along if you are so inclined, or not to if you are too busy. I have read several of these types of blog entries now, and they can be really fun!

Will said...

Oh, and if you do decide to play, be sure to post a comment in the article on my site with a link to the post you write on your site. That way my readers that are following my 8 facts article can follow the link back here to read your facts.

Hi John! I was one of the ones that this fix helped, so thanks!

I read several of your posts here, some are quite interesting. I then looked for your about me page and did not find it. So... as explained in a post on my site on 8-21-2007, I am "tagging" you. Feel free to ignore if you want, but I bet there are a bunch of visitors to your site that would enjoy reading it. If you do it, post a comment in the article on my site, including a link to your post on your site, so my readers can follow it to check you out.


Will said...

Sorry Bob, made a typo and don't see any way to edit my comment. Feel free to edit out the section in that last post from "Hi John" to "check it out". That part got pasted in accidentally from the other person I tagged today.

Then, of course, you can delete this comment also!

Bob Johnson said...

Hi will, thanks for your comments all 3 of them,lol, don't know how to edit comments yet, if it's even possible, I'll just leave them

WIll said...

I use the edit comments function on my WordPress blog, but don't know how to help you do it on Blogger. I am curious, so I will look into it and let you know. I find it a very important function as people sometimes ask me to correct mistakes like I did to you. Also once in a while someone will make a good comment with one thing that is not appropriate. I will then just let them know and then edit out that one thing.

I got two of my kids up to watch the eclipse last night. It was perfectly clear here in Oregon and got some good pictures. Even talked some elementary quantum physics with the 13 y.o. All in all a great middle of the night show!

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks will.

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