Monday, August 6, 2007

Apollo In Hi-Res

Oh happy day, A Press Release dated August 1st./2007, announces the complete Apollo photo set will soon be available in digital high resolution first generation scans. Right now you can view the complete Apollo photo set at "Johnson Space Center" , but these are copies of copies. I downloaded the picture above of the Apollo 16 Lunar Module and Rover from the Johnson Space Center, which is decent enough, but on the first generation high resolution scans you'll be able to see the photographic grain, wow! It says in the public press release "These photos have great scientific value, despite being taken decades ago". The project is expected to take 3 years, but you should be able to view the first Hi-Res scans in a few months.

A gentile reminder about the Perseid's Meteor Shower this coming Sunday at dusk, with Mars in the NE sky as well as a new moon, it's leading up to be a great show. Also don't forget about the August 28 total lunar eclipse, starting at 4:20am EDT, if you miss this one the next will be February 21/2008 visible to the Americas and parts of Europe.


Anna said...

Hi Bob, I need help. I just take photos of the Moon, and I know some stuff about the Moon, but I have this habit to go out and look for the moon every hour once it gets dark - is there a some kind of schedule I can get when the moon shows up on the sky. Your help appreciated. By the way, I missed yesterday photo shoot due to overcast, and I have a feeling that I will miss it today due to 'got to go to work in the morning'. Anna :)

Bob Johnson said...

Yes go to, type in your location and time and your set to go