Sunday, July 29, 2007

Updates, Updates, Read All About Em.

30 days from today there will be a "Total Lunar Eclipse" , August 28th. starting at 4:20am EDT. I hate to have you miss it because I didn't nag you enough.

Saturn's new moon "Frank" has been given an official name "S/2007 S4" , boy those wacky scientists and their names. He'll always be Frank to me.

Two weeks from today the "Perseid's Meteor Shower" begins at dusk, don't forget Mars will be in the North/East part of the sky as well.

NASA reported on Friday that the "Rover Twins" will most likely survive the recent "Mars dust storms". Opportunity is the most vulnerable because one of it's 8 radioactive heater switches has been stuck in the "on" position since landing day January, 2004. I"ll leave you with a "Rover Video", which shows the dedication of the rover team.


Carey said...

Frank's a much better name. Honestly, what are they thinking? Frankly speaking, we must personalize our universe!:)

Bob Johnson said...

I was thinking Bob or Carey.

a Witness of the truth said...

thanks for the info, I wouldn't want to miss that and I think Frank is a much better name too ;)

Ross12345 said...

Yep we must personalise away!!

- Thank you for your kind words :) Hopefully i'll be on the road to recovery by the end of the week - throat infection are ohh so evil!!

Anna said...

Hi Bob, finally made to your blog. Nice blog. I wanted to ask you, about the meteor shower - do you thing it is photogenic, that means is it better to watch? or can I take pictures, but I am afraid that I will be seeing white dots.

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