Monday, July 16, 2007

Passion For Astronomy

Passion is defined in the Oxford dictionary as "Strong emotion; outburst of anger (flew into a passion); sexual love; strong enthusiam (for thing, for doing), object arousing this". My passion for the cosmos has driven me to start this blog and try to relate feelings about astronomy I don't even understand. I'm an enigma, an introvert whose not a writer or an intellect but has his own blog, go figure. For an introvert clicking that publish button is like speaking or even dancing in public, its a huge deal, your laying it on the line for everyone to read. But when I'm by myself under the stars nothing else seems to matter, for that moment in time it's my universe, no one elses. When I look at a star cluster, I'm not thinking, how far away it is, how many stars it has or even how old it is, I'm thinking, wow, thank you God for putting it there for me to find. Through the internet I have found many friends with passionate feelings towards all kinds of things and they too have found a way to share how they feel through their blogs and websites. Friends like Rose sharing her time and effort and answering all my questions.
Unique sites such as Aura's Encounters With The Unexplained, or my favorite tv show next to Battlestar Galactica , Jericho, all have their own individual passions and are trying to share a piece of what makes them tic.


zunnur said...

Astronomy has always been an interesting topic to me, but time doesn't permit me to read and update myself about the latest findings. Will be back here again next time to get myself updated quickly with brief and nice to read information of yours.

Rose said...

Your post about stars put thing in perspective. Maybe I'm reading too much into this post, but it really spoke to me.

Aura said...

Thanks for the link! For someone who just started, you are doing a great job here ;)

Thereyoucome said...

like the refer about passion. life with passion is enjoyable

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks for all the feedback and compliments, and I am glad it spoke to you Rose, it is nice when something you write is appreciated, especially when it is so much a part of you.

Sharon said...

Great site, Bob! I found you through the comment you left on my blog. I have a great interest in astronomy, so I will be back to read more!

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Sharon, I really enjoyed your site as well!

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