Saturday, March 31, 2012


  Wow, had some crazy auroras going on just the other night (above image)  also had the Moon, Pleiades and Venus conjunction happening the same night (below image).

   Now I know what you're thinking, WOW...... Bob that is just too amazing...well amazing as all that is, even something more amazing,  got my flight, car and hotel booked, heading down to Roswell New Mexico via Albuquerque. Always wanted to go there and now that there is going to be an Annular Solar Eclipse there May 20, was a no brainer.

   Now an Annular Solar Eclipse is when the Moon fits nicely inside the Sun like the image below, will be a great photo op, and I will be there at the right time and place to take advantage of it

 Albuquerque has the famous Route 66, a road I have always wanted to travel, so taking on a bit of history on the way down to Roswell.
Will be taking lots of pics and updating the blog regularly so stay tuned

lunar, Pleiades, Venus Conjunction


Ivanhoe said...

Gorgeous! I was hoping you would catch some up north :) What a show!

k and k world said...

so amazing blog ! i enjoyed it!

myonlyphoto said...

Hey Bob, glad that you are still doing the blackholes and astrostuff. Happy trip. Anna :)

Leah H. said...

This is so amazing..Beautiful posts..

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Ivanhoe,was a super night for them, even color in the city!

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks A Mom, glad you enjoyed the pics and post.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Anna, ya still kicking around here.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Leah.

Stephanie Barr said...

Sounds like fun.

Bob Johnson said...

For sure Stephanie, hope everything is going well with u.

Mike said...

Gorgeous shots. I made the Roswell trip years ago, playing X-files with the son. Rte. 66 was much more enjoyable, though, I drive it when I can. Be sure to stop in the local diners and merchants along the way. It's great fun, and a glimpse of Americana disappearing quickly.

onie said...

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Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Mike, ya will be a great time and yes I plan to take some time and stop in some of the shops and diners along the way.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Onie.

Swubird said...


Lovely shots. I'm glad to see you back in the saddle. In my opinion you are truly the best amateur astronomer on the net. And these fotos prove it.

Happy trails.

Bob Johnson said...

Gee thanks SWUBIRD, hope everything is going well with you.

Max Coutinho said...

Bob, hello!

You are back to blogging!! :D
So, Roswell, huh? You got to let us know all about it: have a nice trip and see if you can spot some aliens, will you ;)?

Welcome back, man!


Bob Johnson said...

Hey Max good to hear from you, ya will be posting some shots of the eclipse. Hopefully the weather will participate.

careermast said...

amazing and beautiful photos...

penyobkd said...

great pics...thanks for sharing

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks careermast, and thanks for dropping by.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks penyobkd, thanks for dropping by.

Discount pharmacy said...

Amazing and Energetic pic.. Love it.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Discount pharmacy.

Marms said...

Oh wow! the photos are magnificent.
We'll be waiting photos from your trip :)


Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Marms.

OMICS Group said...

awesome photo,i enjoyed it!

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