Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Solstice Total Lunar Eclipse Movie

Well I finally put together some of my images from the eclipse to make this movie. The next Total Lunar Eclipse visible from my area will be December 10 2011. I can't help but wonder what I'll be doing or where I'll be when it occurs. Things change, doors close, new ones open. I think a lot of the time we stare too long at the closed doors we don't notice the new one being open for us, do we go in look around and then back out or do we go for it, only God knows.

I took the image below December 31, the last Moon Rise of 2010. Watching an orange Crescent Moon Rise is always so surreal for me, add to it -26c and 5:30am and you get the feeling like you're the only one around probably watching the show. In the distant a couple miles there is a highway that runs in front of it, watching the tiny headlights of the cars travel in front of it, makes it even more odd, surely they see what I see, why don't they stop and take it in, well I guess they have somewhere to be. I think there is a lot of stuff going on that we don't notice, it's cool sometimes to take the time to stop what you're doing, as in my case sleeping in my cozy bed, leave it's comfort and experience something even more juicy, taking that step of faith that there is something out there worth the effort with awesome results. One last thing, got a mention as one of the top 50 blogs about space travel, which is cool...all the best in 2011.

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