Saturday, May 31, 2008

STS 124 and Phoenix Talks

Discovery is set to launch tonight at 5:02 pm EDT. Discovery will have the largest payload to the International Space Station to date. They will be delivering and installing the pressurized module for the Kibo lab as well as the module's robotic arm system. Discovery will also be delivering parts for the station's broke toilet. That's right they have a broke toilet....... wait, they only have one toilet? I know from experience, after at one time living with 3 women, 4 if you count the cat that the minimum requirements should be 1 bathroom per person, right now it's just my wife and I and we have 2 bathrooms, that is just sufficient, anything less is criminal. The station houses 3 astronauts, what are they going to do when in the near future the station will be occupied by 6 astronauts? People we are going to see the first death in space and it isn't going to be due to some dangerous spacewalk. Man if I were an astronaut I'd be, well first I'd be saying, is it here yet, is it here yet ,is it here yet... I'm hungry, but I'd be asking the question, " this Japanese kibo module thingy.. has it got a bathroom?" it should be space station code, one bathroom per astronaut.

The cost to repair the toilet. 19 followed by 6 zeros, that's right 19 million dollars! NASA said it is cheaper to buy parts from the Russian manufacture for the old one rather then build a new one from scratch, the Russians saw us coming, wow, we can put a man on the Moon yet we can't build a cheaper then $19,000,000 space toilet.

On the Phoenix Mars Lander front, scientists have noticed what they think might be ice that was exposed by the thrusters on landing, just off one of the lander's legs, very cool, they expect to do some digging as early as next week, so excited. A possible short circuit was detected on one of the lander's scientific instruments, the Thermal and Evolved Gas Analyzer, this instrument tracks how much heat is needed to melt or vaporize substances in a sample then examine the vapours driven off by the heat. Scientists are looking into the problem, "We have developed a strategy to gain a better understanding of this behavior, and we have identified workarounds for some of the possibilities," said William Boynton of the University of Arizona, Tucson, lead scientist for the instrument . During the descent stage the Mars Express Orbiter picked up the sounds created by Phoenix as it was descending to the Martian surface, check it out.

On my flight back from Kelowna I took a bunch of videos and pics over the mountains, I made one of the mountain images I took from the plane window into an animated gif, looks pretty cool, at least I think so, but I think everything looks cool this way, hey even a toilet.


paula said...

i love your last photo, would like to see it without the effects...looks gorgeous but i'm kind of distracted this time by the movement.

Swubird said...


Very cool post. I listened to the sound of Phoenix - weird! It sounds like my old radio I had when I was a kid.

A short circuit? It always amazes me when a problem like this crops up. Before liftoff they check and recheck these circuits a million times. Then they send it up and, bingo, there's a short. Something's very wrong with this picture.

The long wait for the water data is killing me.

Happy stargazing.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Great photos and post, Bob. The mountain photo ROCKS. I thought I was in the plane with you. :D

I just heard the Mars lander may have a circuit problem.

Can't wait to see more vacation photos. :D

Jeff and I have to fight over one bathroom. Two would be great.

Hugs, JJ

Ruth said...

So where's the toilet GIF? I think a $19,000,000 toilet deserves a GIF, don't you? Please don't do a GIF of YOUR toilet.

The mountain is fine, I'll live with it. Beautiful actually.

I look forward to reading about the results when you post them here, the water data.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Paula,darn knew I should have done the toilet, maybe next time,lol \m/

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks swubird, It was pretty weird, all space sounds have that quality about them, unearthly, hopefully they can fix the probelm and no more surprises, hey at least the got as far as they did, 7 feet away from water on Mars.\m/

Bob Johnson said...

JJ so sad about you guys only having one bathroom,lol.

I took a cool video of the mountains in the plane as well, it turned out pretty good, will post later.

Bob Johnson said...

Lol Ruth, don't worry about the toilet thing, but I am looking for a space one, I mean just for curiousity,lol

S-V-H said...

Wow, that toilet story is funny...! Are there also 1000's of 25c Diamonds build in, or something similar to that...? for that amount of money....LOL...:-)

MYM said...

I watched the launch ... very cool stuff. As for the toilet, scooting over to the space station definitely gives new meaning to outhouse.

jessica.celion said...

i love thatt pic and of course postr is wonderful thanks forsharing it

jasmine celion

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Susanne, who knows maybe it's made of gold,lol.\m/

Bob Johnson said...

Lol drowsey, no bushes around, or land or gravity either, all the requirements to make it work, not there either,lol.\m/

Bob Johnson said...

You're welcome and thanks jasmine.celion.\m/\m/

Max Coutinho said...

Hey Bob!

Welcome back home :D!

"I know from experience, after at one time living with 3 women (...) that the minimum requirements should be 1 bathroom per person, (...) anything less is criminal." - LOL LOL LOL I hear you!

Anyway, the spacial broken toilet issue generated a lot of jokes in my family lol...
And I also wondered how come the only have one toilet! Yeah, 3 astronauts manage just fine but 6? How will they do with one toilet?

"People, we are going to see the first death in space and it isn't going to be due to some dangerous spacewalk" - ROFL....toilet issues is not a joke!

"This japanese Kibo module thingy...has it got a bathroom?' it should be a space station code, one bathroom per astronaut" LOL LOL LOL ah you kill me LOL LOL! And what about the food? I think I'd be hungry all the time eating of paste tubes *nodding*! You want a pizza: eat it off a tube (paste pizza), no, no!!

$19,000,000 toilet? Now we know why there is only one!! Poor astronauts...

Ice on Mars? That would be interesting!!
Couldn't get the sound though (I'll try again later on)!

Beautiful mountain picture, Bob!!

"(..) but I think everything looks cool this way, hey even a toilet." - ROFL ....

Great and amusing post, my friend! I laughed like crazy lol *nodding*! You rock!

Cheers and have a great week ahead!

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, thanks max, happy to see you like my humour.

The food is something I never touched on, you are so right, their food sucks the big one, but all things considered I could put up with one toilet, and toothpaste food just to be in space, I guess I'll have to wait till I pass on and get my tour of the cosmos.
:D :-D \m/

Marvin said...

For $19 million, the toilet should wipe your bottom FOR you! And deodorize also. Sigh.

Bob Johnson said...

Lol marvin!\m/\m/

Max-e said...

That adds a new meaning to the term spending a penny. That is one expensive loo

Bob Johnson said...

Lol max-e, I can see maybe 2 for that price, nah, can't see it not even for two loos.\m/

Anonymous said...

Haahahaa... Bob! :greenalien: :S,

You mix humor so easily :) The toilet story is nice little thing to talk about! PSST: Who do you keep referring to as "we"? Are you American (I mean USAite)?

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, I confess, I salute to the American flag too, I have one, and I'm proud to be a USAite.\m/

Anonymous said...


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