Thursday, November 27, 2008

Comet Like Meteor, Conjunctions, The Sasktchewan Meteor And A Special Cameo Appearance Of The Runaway Tool Kit

Okay, I got a new favorite meteor image. You're probably thinking, Bob, it's a small one, you've taken better, well thank you, but this is my new favorite, just look at it, all comet like and cute and small and such, plus the way in how I captured it is very cool.

I was taking an image of the Venus Jupiter gathering when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a bright object moving very fast, fine I thought it was a jet at first, but it wasn't leaving any contrails behind, there were quite a few jets out that night and all were slower and left contrails, plus it was going back and forth, almost in a straight line, then vanishing.

Moved my camera towards the last spotted location, thinking great something cool and unusual, took a test shot, and waited, and waited but it never came back. Thought oh well probably some kind of UFO, or test jet, meteors or I was just seeing things.

The next morning I was going through my images of Venus and Jupiter, totally forgot about my encounter of the whatever kind when I noticed there was something on my test shot, a little comet like meteor. Now the ISO was 3200, exposure .25 seconds, so the chances of me catching a meteor in that time frame were slim to nil, very cool, so now it's my fav.

Here is your last notice from me for what NASA is calling the "Best sky show of the year", and it looks like I'm going to miss it, calling for clouds on that day here. On December 1 just after Sunset look to the South West for an awesome conjunction of the crescent Moon, Jupiter and Venus, Venus being just below and to the left of Jupiter and the Moon above the both of them.

The next major conjunction will be December 28th, The Moon, Jupiter and Mercury will be in a straight line grouping just after Sunset, again look to the South West for this gathering.

Just a little update on the Saskatchewan Meteor that occurred here November 20. There are all kinds of people looking for what they estimate to be hundreds of meteorites larger than 50 grams thought to have landed around the Saskatchewan Alberta boarder around Manitou Lake. One meteorite collector has offered $12,000 US for a kilogram sized chunk. If I didn't have work to contend with, that's where I would be, let me tell you.

I'm going to leave you now with a video of the ISS toolbag in space taken by satellite observer Kevin Fetter. To see the toolbag streak across the sky go here and type in your Postal or zip codes, it will give you the flyby times and the location in the sky. You will need binoculars, it will look like a faint moving satellite.


kml said...

Very awesome capture, Bob! Hope someone finds something of the meteor - they were showing it on our news here in NH. It looked huge.

AngelBaby said...

I loved your favorite picture, it is just beautiful. You did a great job and all by accident. Now I am impressed with that.

Love and Blessings,

Lynda Lehmann said...

That's serendipity for you, Bob! I can see why it's your new favorite, being such an unlikely catch!

Rose said...

Great shot Bob & thanks for the link.

Daisy said...

Love that top photo!

Don said...

inspirational and informative, as usual!

I love the "I forgot all about the encounter" shot. That is very cool....

Will said...

Hey Bob - Happy hunting if you do find a way to go. I guess you would need a metal detector. I have heard that most finds are by accident? Unless you are looking on snow covered landscape, I would think they are hard to find.

I wondered about that tool bag when I saw it on the news being described as worth $100,000.00!!! Those must have been some mighty fine tools.

If you try out my bread recipe I just posted, let me know what you think of it. Thanks!

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Kathy, I'm sure someone will find it eventually, just wish I was involved,lol.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks AngelBaby, pretty lucky to get that meteor, right place at just the right time.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Lynda, like you said, the way I come by the image makes it the fav.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks for dropping by Rose and thanks so much for the award!!

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Daisy, and thanks for dropping by!

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks so much Don, just wish I would have got a shot of a UFO,lol.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Will, you are right, pretty hard to find small meteorites in the Prairies, the best spots are deserts and the arctic where the ground provides the most contrast.

Space tools are expensive, NASA must be shaking their collective heads at this one,lol.

Bread recipe, I will come over and take a look.


I love your blog and these images. It is wonderful that you take these pictures and share them!

Livingsword said...

Hi Bob….

A general comment….I want to thank you for doing such a great job. Your commitment to provide such interesting and education yet understandable is commendable… you are an excellent blogging neighbor…

The video of Santa on his test flight was very good…

Drowsey Monkey said...

oh wow - you're always out-doing yourself with your photos Bob! I really love this one too.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks HEALTH NUT WANNABEE MOM, glad you like the images.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks livingsword, and totally lol about the Santa.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks so much Drowsey Monkey

Speedcat Hollydale said...

The picture was of me in my new hypersonic cat space time machine :-)

Love the photo, and thanks for the info. Going over to see the "Best sky show of the year" link.

Happy Sunday!

Carole said...

Fabulous captures Bob. I love the first one. i can imagine it's your favourite

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, thanks Eric, hope you enjoy the show tonight and tomorrow night as well, should be very cool.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks so much Carole, hope you get to see the upcoming conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter.

Roger said...

WOW! What a capture Bob that is cool at exposure .25 seconds to get you must of peed your pants lol! I would have! You have a good weekend Bob :)

Ruth said...

Another good story about how you caught the meteor on film. And I will be looking for the conjunction tonight, if it stops snowing!

Bob Johnson said...

Lol Roger, actually I would have if I seen it at the time

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Ruth, I got some cool pics of part one of the conjunction Sunday night, supposed to be cloudy tonight,:(

Max said...

Hey Bob!

Fantastic pictures and video; Oh, Lord of the Astropics *bowing*!!! lol

Seriously now, that 4 seconds video is amazing! I never get to see these things live, because not only I live in an area where it is nearly impossible to see it; but also because I don't go out to check the skies any longer (as I used to when I was a kid).

Yesterday, I watched a program that reminded me of you: it was about auroras! (Yes, now I watch this type of is your doing lol)

Bob, today it is a national holiday here, so I am off to enjoy it...

Have a blessed week ahead!


Ruth said...

Don't cry, it might freeze on your face!

Robroy said...

Your blog iis awesome!
Great Pics.

Sherer said...


I am liking that video! Good stuff good stuff. Seems you have been on quite a meteor kick lately - very exicting stuff.

Can't wait for you conjunction photos! I have been having many a person text me - "jesse, what are those two bright stars" haha


Swubird said...


Great post. We actually saw the Moon, Jupiter, Venus cluster. We were on our way home form Vegas late Sunday afternoon. The sky was crystal clear with no moisture - no Moon halo. It was fantastic, and the three of us argued over what we were seeing - Venus, Mars, Jupiter - what? But as usual, you straightened us out.

I hope you find a big fat meteorite.

Happy stargazing

Bob Johnson said...

That is super max, that you are watching these type of shows and thinking of me, that is so cool!!

Hope you had a great day off, did you get to see the sky event of the year? time to reclaim your kid days and look to the stars, there is so much out there.

Thanks so much max and have a great week too.

Bob Johnson said...

Lol Ruth, I got to see it, no frozen tears for me!

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Robroy, and thanks so much for dropping by!

Bob Johnson said...

lol, thanks Jesse, I love meteors, always on a meteor kick,lol.

Too funny, I get the same thing about Venus and Jupiter being stars.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks swubird, great for you guys seeing the conjunction, Hope you had a great time in Vegas, hope to hear something about it on your blog.

Max said...

Hey Bob,

Thanks :D!
Even if I wanted to see the sky event of the year, I couldn't: it was cloudy (heavily cloudy even for Portugal)!
Will you post about it?


Bob Johnson said...

Too bad max, will and did post about it.

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