Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lunar Mercury Conjunction

Just before I left for holidays there was a Lunar, Mercury conjunction. Mercury is an elusive target to image as it is small and doesn't stray too far from the Sun. the above image is the Moon with earthshine and Mercury about 40 minutes after Sunset May 6th.

Less is more as in the image above, thought the Moon looked cool half blocked out by the clouds.

A new free software program was just released May 13th called the WorldWide Telescope. People this has got to be the most frakking gorgeous and informative piece of software I have seen in a long time. It is a Web 2.0 based program so it is very pretty and the interface is very intuitive.

With this software you have access to terabytes of information, images from multiple telescopes such as The Hubble Telescope, Spitzer Space Telescope and the Chandra X-Ray Observatory and guided tours of the universe from scientists and educators. If you like anything to do with space or astronomy, it's a no brainer, download this puppy

Just a reminder the Phoenix Mars Lander is scheduled to touch down on the Martian surface tomorrow at around 7:53 pm EDT. NASA TV will have a lot of coverage starting with a briefing today at 3:00 pm EDT, then Sunday with a news briefing at 3:00 pm EDT, then 6:00 pm EDT Sunday the landing event coverage starts.

I'll leave you now with an animated BC Sunset


Sherer said...

Bob, great capture, I havent been able to see mercury this time around - in fact viewing has been very disappointing lately as the clouds seem to be around every night. I am going to download that worldwide telescope, that looks really cool. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous gif Bob. Quite an artistic shot. 11 x 14 glossy and mounted would be spectacular!

I am so far behind visiting it isn't funny but I'm making the attempt. Thank you so much for the link to the World Wide telescope. Truly fascinating. I am going to download it this evening.

On that note my friend, I'm off. Take care of yourself and have a great weekend.


Drowsey Monkey said...

I swear, your photography is getting better and better. I was, look at that red in the sky, then I remembered, no...that's Bob naming the planets again you silly woman. HA!

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Great photos, Bob!!! And I actually saw the Lunar, Mercury conjunction. No rain clouds in the way. WOOT!!!

The WORLDWIDE TELESCOPE software sounds AWESOME. Wonder if it would work on s-l-o-w dial up?

Hugs, JJ

Kalinae said...

Sorry that this has really nothing to do with this post...but I just wanted to let you know that you have the most appealing blog that I have ever seen. It is gorgeous. I've literally sat here and just stared at the screen. haha.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks sherer, too bad you missed Mercury, if you have any questions with the download don't hesistate to email me, you'll love the program. \m/\m/

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks JD, didn't get too many Sunsets in BC, but what I did get turned out pretty good. You will love the scope, like I said some of the best software out there and it's free to boot, you have a great weekend too.:D :-D \m/

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, silly drowsey, glad you like the images.:D :-D :greenalien:

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks JJ, great you saw the conjunction, the scope software should work on your computer, they have certain requirements, I downloaded it on my vista free laptop, it has XP but only 1.63 GHTZ processor, and only 512 ram, it works fine. it will take longer to down load with dial up, but it should download okay. \m/

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks kalinae, glad you stopped by and liked the blog :greenalien:

Roger said...

Bob awesome photos as usual, good info that sounds like a awesome program!

Bob Johnson said...

Hey thanks Roger glad you like the photos and link to the worldwide telescope.\m/

Don said...

I'm glad you included the moon peeking from behind the cloud, that is really nice! I always feel proud when I can spot mercury in the sky. It is elusive, but you caught her. I am going to go look at that worldwide telescope, thanks for the tip.

AngelBaby said...

Bob, you have done it again, I am speechless. Your pictures are so beautiful and the way you caught the moon behind the clouds, perfect!

I have to check out that worldwide telescope. I will still have to come back here to have you explain what I am looking at.

Love and Blessings,

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Don, Mercury is a hard planet to find, very cool you have spotted it.\m/\m/

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks AngelBaby, glad you like the images, hey if you need any help installing or info on what you're looking at no problem.\m/

Peter said...

Hi! Just back from the NASA site. Missed the action but I see that the Phoenix has successfully landed. Well done to them and I can't wait to see what it brings to light.

Take Care,

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Peter, just got off the NASA TV site, been there most of the day,lol, the solar panels have deployed and the first images are coming through, very exciting.:yes:

Max said...

Hey Bob,

As usual, beautiful photos: I can't seem to get enough of moon pictures!
You are right, it is not easy to see Mercury (the messenger)!

That software seems rather interesting if one likes astronomy! So, astro-lovers: download it!

I wonder what goodies Phoenix Mars Lander will transmit us (I am extremely curious about it, I confess)!

I hope all is well with you and that you had a terrific weekend!

Wishing you a great weekend ahead!


Oswegan said...

Terrific images Bob and educational too!

And then there's todays Mars landing, I'm sure you've something to say about that.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks max, I also can never get enough of the Moon,lol, I will definitely be talking about the Phoenix Lander on my next post, a great leap forward in our exploration of space.\m/\m/

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks oswegan, I will be posting about the lander on my next post for sure, a big step for us.\m/

Swubird said...


Great shot of Mercury and the Moon. They really fill my big screen with lots of clarity and detail.

Thanks for the program.

Can't wait for Phoenix to send back some data.

Have a nice day.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks swubird, glad you like the pics, me too, can hardly wait for the first sample results.\m/

kml said...

Can't wait to check out that software - thanks for sharing it!

Will said...

Thanks for pointing this out, Bob. I can't count how many times you have made me think about little dots in the sky. They all look like stars to the untrained eye. I guess you just know where to look to know it is Mercury.

Bob Johnson said...

No problem Kathy, any questions installing it just email, I think you and your husband will enjoy it.

Bob Johnson said...

Hey Will it all comes from being out under the stars all the time,lol, just takes practice.

Livingsword said...

Hi Bob;

Mercury is also slippery and moves very fast!

More nice photos!!

“Frakking”!!!! LOL LOL (roll around on the ground) LOL LOL

Thanks for the tip on the software I am now going to download it!

WOW!!!! What a sunset!!!!!! Take that Saskatchewan!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this link, but unfortunately it seems to be offline... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at could post it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be offline... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at could post it.


Anonymous said...

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