Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lunar Real Estate

Still can't think think of what to get for that someone special for Christmas? How bout real estate? How bout Lunar real estate? For a mere $36 you can purchase one acre of prime view Lunar property. Dennis Hope of the Lunar Embassy back in 1980 made a claim for the entire Lunar surface at his local Government claim registries office, and it was accepted and registered! But Dennis, or the "Head Cheese" as he likes to be called, didn't stop there, he also sent a letter of intent to claim and sell extraterrestrial property to The UN, USSR and the US governments. To this date no one has contested his claims so Dennis Hope was able to take it to the next step, to copyright his work with the US copyright registry office.

NASA has said "property rights on the Moon are governed by the United Nations" "The Moon comes under the same jurisdiction as international waters" I say who is NASA to say anything, just sour grapes that they didn't think of claiming the Moon first. The Outer Space Treaty , that's right the Outer Space Treaty, forbids countries from claiming celestial bodies but nothing in the treaty says an individual or corporation can't.

To date over 4 million people have bought property on the Moon, including celebs like George Lucas, Barbara Walters, a few ex-Presidents, some NASA employees and me. That's right me, mock me now but when my Great Great Grand kids are negotiating with NASA to buy their property because they want to build a Helium-3 Processing Plant, I'll be having the last laugh, well I won't, I'll be dead but my Great Great Grand kids will be alive and laughing all the way to the bank. So what do you get for your 36 bucks, you get your Lunar Deed, your Lunar map of where your property is , The Lunar Constitution and a short story "You Own The What" which includes the Declaration of Ownership filed with the US, USSR and United Nations. They have an excellent FAQs area, questions such as "Can I get to the Moon Now?" to a vitally important question "Do you believe in the prime directive?" (alien bases far side).

NASA just announced hours ago that they have again delayed the launch of STS 122 Atlantis due to another faulty fuel sensor. These fuel sensors protect the Shuttle's main engines by shutting them down in the event of unexpectedly low fuel. The launch has been rescheduled for January 2nd.

Tatiana over at Totally-Useless has honoured me with her Totally Useful and deserving blogger award, I accept the award and will post it proudly on my blog. Tatiana has a great blog about her personal philosophies and things that may seem useless on the surface, usually aren't. I would like to pass this award on to 3 blogs I visit and enjoy regularly.

JD at The Uneasy Supplicant , awesome writings and images.

Will at Healthy Living for People and Planet Earth , great advice for a healthier life.

Rick at Deep Sky Blog another awesome astronomy site to visit for your astronomy/astrophotography updates.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob! Wow. Being one of my original "readers" I truly appreciate your gift. I am truly humbled :-) You're one of the reasons why I continue to post.As soon as I post my next piece I will acknowledge this wonderful award and place it on my awards page :-)Again Thank you!
As for owning a piece of the moon? I dunno. Not quite sure. I should get in before its too late and my great great grand kids don't curse my memory for not having the foresight to act on this. But then again, I would have been dead for quite a while and it really won't be an issue for me, now will it. :-)
Take care Bob. And again, thank you very much.

Bob Johnson said...

Your welcome JD, love reading your blog, as for the Moon, I figure why not, probably better chance at that then winning the lotto,lol.

Will said...

Thanks Bob! I accept the award with great appreciation for your comments on my site. I know that much of what I write is informative and most of my visitors just read the information about whatever they are looking for and don't comment. A few like you offer additional insight and factual contributions and I really appreciate it!

Not being experienced in these things, I am not sure exactly what to do with the award, but I will post it in my sidebar and acknowledge your consideration in my next post.


And I hope none of those 4 million owners of lunar land insist that Dennis actually provide the ground in question! Aren't there laws about selling things you don't actually have possession of? ;-)


Bob Johnson said...

Hi and your welcome Will, we could go on for days with the legalities on this , I bought it mostly for fun, but you just never know,lol

Tatiana said...

Dear Bob, you most certainly deserve every award you get because through you and your greatly informative posts we get a much better understanding of astronomy than going through the usual channels. Love your blog and keep up the great work you do. have a great week ahead my friend :) Tatiana

Tatiana said...

As for the Moon property, well, I am childless and would be pointless to buy it for my great great grand children ;)) as I could never leave it to the great great grand children of my cats ;))

Bob Johnson said...

Thankyou Tatiana for the award! Moon ownership, your right it is a pass you down kind of thing, hopefully my kids don't throw it out thinking crazy dad,lol.

Alien Insomniac said...

Thank you for picking out my next non-essential purchase.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

You take me to places I have never dreamt of, Bob. Owning real estate on the moon! Awesome! I had no idea this was possible.

Congrats on your award and thanks for the other links. Some of them I haven't explored.

Have a great start to the week. :D

Hugs, JJ

Bob Johnson said...

Glad to be of service to a future neighbour alien insomniac. :)

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks JJ, amazing what's out there, you have a great week too!

Zawadi Equiano said...

An acre of Alien space hmmm.. Sounds like a neat gift for Christmas for a sci-fi addict lol.

I wanted to give stars away as gifts once and thought it was kinda weird years ago. Naming a star after someone and giving them the certificate.

Bob if you move to the moon don't forget to post to blogger from space lol

Wish i could be alive generations from now to see how the space program develops.

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Zawadi, If and when I move to the Moon, I'll continue to blog. Me too, I was born a couple hundread years too early, need more technology!

DrowseyMonkey said...

congrats on the award..well deserved as always.

Can't believe that many people have bought a place on the moon! And here I was having a hard time finding an affordable apartment on earth.

Swubird said...

Yeah Bob!

Now when I finally get to the moon I'll have someone to visit.

As usual, a very good post.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks drowseymonkey, 37 bucks for an acre of Moon land, great, I'm going to dig some of mine up and sell it on ebay, make millions, if Im still alive that is.

Bob Johnson said...

Hi swubird, we'll have to get together and do a lunar latte. :)

Secret Of Mind said...

Bob you are great although is cold in your place but you are so creative and got certificate. Congratulation Bob

Bob Johnson said...

Hi and thanks Franx Budi!

Lynda Lehmann said...

Congrats on your well-deserved award, Bob!

I'd love to order a piece of lunar landscape. Even though the place really doesn't have much atmosphere, I bet your progeny will be very happy to inherit some prime property there!

Too bad about the launch, but I guess it's good to attend to these things rather than have a disaster!

Bob Johnson said...

Hi and thanks Lynda! yeah it is good to own Lunar property, I'm gonna take an actual magnified image of it when I get some clear warmer weather.

Lynda Lehmann said...

That would be very interesting and cool!

Rose DesRochers said...

I had no idea you could buy part of the moon. Congrats on the award. Did you receive the recent one I sent?


Digital Frenzy said...

What good is that if you can not live on the moon? I am visiting via my mom’s blog. Rose.

Digital Frenzy

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Rose, thanks, nope didnt recieve that one.

Bob Johnson said...

Hi digital frenzy, thanks for dropping by, say hello to your mom for me. I bought a piece of the Moon even though I cant get there,someday we will be able to, and maybe my kids or their kids will be able to get there and set up like pioneers did in the old west.

Anna said...

Hi Bob, so you purchased a piece of moon land, that is cool. I tell you I looked at it few years ago, and I think the price was 29.99 USD - I think you got yourself a good deal now that both dollars are almost equal. Two questions, did you get your piece of land on the visible side of the moon, and can you sue if someone lands on your property, lol? - better not be an alien, lol. I don't think I go this path, still looking for nice piece of land on Earth, and if I am not successful may be I consider because it is really good price, lol.

Congrats on your award, and congrats to those who got awarded, I will pay them a visit shortly, including Will, Anna :)

Bob Johnson said...

Hi and Thanks Anna. My property is on the near side, they are going to sell off the near side first, there are quite a few companies out there that sell Lunar property, this one was the most expensive, also the only one that has gone through all the legal hoops that they could,when it comes to space and the Moon I'm a dreamer, that's why I bought the land, hey NASA employees bought lunar land, hint hint.

HANNA said...

you want to join to the travel?

xoxo from italy-hanna

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Hanna, thanks for dropping by, I'll take a look at your site.

Rand said...

Dude 36 bucks is a great deal for an acre of land, though with 4 million people buying land how much space is available?

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Rand, the Moon is big ass big, there are billions of acres on the near side alone, Your right it is an awesome price, it has already gone through a major price increase over 10x what it used to be, so properties are a good investment. :)

kml said...

Unbelievable! Can you see your acre with your telescope? Do you abut to anyone famous? $36.00 doesn't buy much anymore - so it's a good deal!

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Kathy when it becomes seeable, highlighted by the terminator, I will take a pic of it.

Anonymous said...

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