Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jupiter, Saturn, Hole and HD Earth

Okay people we have a lot to cover today so lets get started, not really but I've always wanted to say that. My power engineering teacher said that a few nights back, I thought at my age I'd never hear those dreaded words again, you know your teacher would rush in to the class with a bunch of books under their arm and say those words and you'd be thinking crap, brain already full.

The image above is my first attempt at Jupiter taken last year. You can see Europa off to the right. Jupiter is the 5th. planet from the Sun, takes 11 years to orbit the Sun and has 63 confirmed moons. Jupiter is our largest planet, has 2.5 times the mass as all the other planets combined, Jupiter is made up mostly of gases with a rocky core.

The image below is my first attempt at Saturn taken last year as well. That is exactly what you'd see looking through an amateur telescope, beautiful. Saturn is the only planet that would float in water because it is made up of gases, no rocky core. It is the 6th. planet out from our Sun and takes around 29 years to complete one orbit. Saturn has 60 confirmed moons. In the image you can see 3 of Saturn's moons, starting from the closest moon from Saturn going out they are, Dione , Titan , Iapetus. I will post updates when I take more images with newer better equipment when the weather allows, looks like April, we have a long cold winter here and it seems to be starting early.

The Mars Odyssey Spacecraft acouple weeks back had discovered entrances to several possible caves on the slopes of a Martian volcano Arsia Mons, below is a close up of one of the caves, now they are saying and I quote, "Martian Caves are interesting not only for their geology but as possible habitats for future human colonists" I posted a picture below of the cave and of the habitat that was in the film Race To Mars , where would you want to live? The hole looks deep and dark, probably where the aliens are hiding, where as the habitat doesn't have aliens or things that bite, oh and has a big screen TV, probably High Definition, I vote the habitat.

I can see it all now, NASA sends a group of terraformer Scientists with hoes and rakes, and first aid kits with flare guns, not a real gun between them, one of them goes to investigate the caves by themselves, doesn't come back, another scientist without a gun goes to look for the first one, that one doesn't come back, you get my drift, the aliens pick them off one by one. Scientists need to watch more scary sci fi shows.

The Japanese satellite Kaguya on its way to the Moon has taken the first High Definition video of Earth from beyond it's orbit, 68,350 miles to be exact. The video has not been released yet but a still image (below) has, you can see the western coast of South America in the image. I'm looking forward to more High Def stuff from this satellite.


self taught artist said...

gorgeous pics in the last post...and this post with the alien entrance is unbelievable even if you didn't take the pic. yourself.
i still love your blog....

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Paula, glad you like the alien hideout

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...


WOW!!! You've given me much to think about. The photos are great and I want an amateur telescope!!! I'll let you know when I get it. :D

The Japanese photo is breathtaking. I can see why all those alien spacecraft hover above earth - to take pics. :D

Hugs, JJ

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks JJ, I'm hoping they will take more HD photos of the earth and Moon, that would be just great.

Two Feathers said...

I caught a glimpse of that awesome alien habitat hole somewhere, and thought it must be something someone made up... That is too cool! I wonder what's in there! And I agree with "nature nut/jj loch"... that Japanese photo of the earth is just amazing! WOW!

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Shirley, aliens are in there,duh, and they're probably having all kinds of fun and laughing at the fact our rovers can't find any "life", lol

Tatiana said...

The photos are amazing Bob, yours and the Japanese one of the Earth too :) As to the Aliens hide out, this one, or one of the same type and look has been in several movies, and stuff like Babilon 5 - don't you all remember it? I love BSG however and hope that they are on it's way to Earth - LOL

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Tatiana, hello? there are holes on every sci fi show and they all have aliens in them, this particular one was just found out by the NASA probe Odyssey, unless they have started some kind of confusing dis-information thing, as far as I'm concerned aliens can't come fast enough, lol.

DrowseyMonkey said...

Bob! My goodness, the pics of Jupiter & Saturn are unfreakin' believable! A really excellent post - very funny about the teacher too.

(You definately deserve that award from my blog - heck, take 2!)

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks very much drowseymonkey, your too kind about everything and you have a funny name, which I like to say.

Bill said...

The holes look real scary to me. Maybe the aliens have underground hangars and they fly their ships in and out of the holes. Whoa now I'm scaring myself. Hey what if WE used to live on Mars and made those holes ourselves millions of years ago? What if we destroyed Mars and had to move to earth to escape the fallout and it just got written out of history somehow or forgotten? Whoa now I'm REALLY scaring myself! Stop me...

Rick said...

I can't wait to see the high def Earth stuff. Maybe we should check YouTube to see if any videos are out...

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Bill, you think like me, your thoughts about us coming from Mars after creating the holes and then destroying the Mars habitat makes perfect sense to me, lol

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Rick, I can hardy wait to see more HD as well, even the Moon HD would be great.

Anna said...

Bob, now its my turn to say crap these are great photos. I never realized that how much detail you can see. I wonder if I take my 40x binoculars, if I will be able to see may be one ring, lol. Great post as always. Anna :)

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Anna! When I get my new stuff up and running, hopefully get more magnification and more detail, binocs just about show some of the rings on saturn, but still will look like a dot.

Mike said...


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kml said...

That picture of Saturn is excellent! I can't wait until you get new ones this spring!

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Mike I will check it out and fill out the form, thanks, bob

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks Kathy! maybe before spring for Saturn, Jupiter doesn't rise now till winter.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Stunning pictures there. It was interesting to see where Europa was in relation to Jupiter.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks jean-luc!

R2K said...

Boy that hole on mars is unreal.

Bob Johnson said...

one word r2k, aliens.

Bill said...

Hey Bob did you hear about the Celstial Summit Meeting this weekend? Yahoo did a story about it. There's supposed to be some really cool stuff happening in the sky this weekend with the Moon, Venus and Saturn. Here's a qoute from the story: "an ever-changing 'Celestial Summit Meeting' will greet early risers as Venus interacts with Regulus, Saturn and a lovely crescent Moon in some very interesting celestial configurations." And here's the link: http://tinyurl.com/2o485m

Bob Johnson said...

Hi Bill, thanks, totally forgot about the grouping, unfortunately it's raining here. appreciate you reminding me, thanks again!

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